Don’t Skip These 4 Nightly Beauty Steps

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We all have a nightly skin regimen that we follow to wake-up looking and feeling fresh each morning. But sometimes, due to the busy schedules we are more likely to use a facial cleansing wipe and call it a night. Unfortunately, these nightly short-cuts are showing up on your face.

We are introducing you to a new easy and time-saving evening routine. You can now give your face the pampering it deserves, and yes, still have time to catch your favorite television show.

Don’t Skip These 4 Nightly Beauty Steps

1. Brush Your Teeth

Brush your teeth before doing any of the night beauty routine and before going to bed. This is to avoid all your expensive creams to be washed away.

2. Wash Your Face

Wash you face before going to bed at night. This is to avoid your pores to soak in the grime and dirt of the day.

Remember to always be careful on how you wash. Just use your fingertips or a very soft washcloth when washing. If you are using a sonic cleansing brush, make sure you use it only once a day. You can use a a cleanser with alpha hydroxyl, lactic acid or glycolic acid, for added rejuvenation benefits.

3. Medicate Your Face

After washing your face, you can treat it with any eye treatments, anti-aging products or other topical medications. Just always make sure your skin is completely dry before applying anything.

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Wet skin increases the absorption of the medication, therefore increasing your chances of skin irritation. Add in to your beauty regimen any products with retinol in them, for their anti-aging benefits such as fighting fine lines, building collagen and helping with pigmentation.

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For additional tip, you can take any excess eye cream and apply it around the skin of your mouth. The skin around the lips is super-sensitive and it has the same structure to under-eye skin.

5. Moisturize Your Skin

The last and most important thing you want to do to your face before you sleep is, to apply a quality moisturizer. A moisturizer will enhance cellular repair overnight. This means that it will help your skin cells repair themselves while you are sleeping.

Now you can get your much needed rest and sleep.

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