Dieting on your Period? Not Much Difference with a Regular Healthy Diet

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Dieting on your Period? Not Much Difference with a Regular Healthy DietDieting or the word diet should not be seen as intimidating and even restrictive.  A diet is simply the kinds of foods an organism typically eats at that period in time.  There are good diets and bad diets, some are due for a short-lived life, some very healthy and a lot are sustainable but can use improvement.

Periods are of course perfectly natural and have existed since the first woman dropped an egg.  Periods bloat a lot of us and even make us feel fatter even.  It does not help that menstruation is usually a moody thing with actual nutrient loss from bleeding and a spike in progesterone.  Fact is just eating balanced meals throughout the day with moderate exercise and light exercise on periods will totally work in minimizing bloat, cramping and moodiness.  Hormones can be crazy but then so is life and just putting in some hard work to know what is good for your mind and body can even one day make you forget that you’re menstruating.

A balanced diet should consist of a good variety and amount of vegetables that provide fiber, your uterus’s best friend to fight bloat and constipation.  Do not omit carbs, instead minimize carb intake and choose healthier sources such as sweet potatoes or whole grain rice strains.  Protein must never be skipped on either, vegetarians and vegans who are not well researched are prone to protein deficiencies.  Whatever your personal food restrictionsare due to belief or trauma just please include protein everyday whether it’s a lean steak, a fish or a falafel.  Fat is not evil, in truth processed sugar is a lot more sinister and makes one gain weight faster.  There are good fats indeed and a lot come from vegetation and are good for your heart, overall bealth and even weight loss!  Fish fat is wonderful too and is known for being pro-weight loss.  Animal fat from a clean source and is unprocessed is beneficial in moderate amounts.  Natural sugars actually help control blood sugar while processed sugar causes ill health.  No skipping meals as much as possible, instead eat through out the day in small to medium amounts.  Ideally eating 4-6 times a day is great.  Depending on your physical routine and metabolism one or two of of your daily meals can be of large portions.

A lot of us may already know that fat can either be bad or good, unprocessed animal fat is fine in moderation too.  Just avoid foods or having a lot of foods that you know causes your body or tummy to bloat.  Everyone has a different digestive and immune system so it is up to you what foods you’ll label as “pro-bloat.”  Foods that are not that very good for you and tend to even constipate you such as margarine, too much butter, too much animal fat, glutinous breads and treats and most especially processed white sugars and junk foods are the usual culprits.  Don’t forget lack of activity, no one escapes the need to exercise.  One of the worse choices a person could make is not taking care of their body enough.  To have better ease with your menses just takes a bit of willpower and of course a sense of fun.

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A healthy lifestyle needs a good amount of all the essential nutrients and regular exercise.  People think you have to subtract an entire food group or starve yourself or even go for pills that look sketchy and promise weight loss in 2 weeks.  These are all very wrong and will cause you to have a love/hate relationship with food because you are depriving yourself of nutrition while having too little or too many calories.  Undereating will make you irritable and less focused plus higher chances of relapsing to bad food choices.  Keep in mind to eat everything in the proper ratio while exercising regularly AND not overdoing processed sugars like cakes and candy bars.  Develop a healthy relationship with food.

 Basic Tips:

1.) Aim for a consistent diet which is balanced and healthy yet easily customizable to your needs and do allow some cheat days.  Put in some variety, healthy does not mean boring!

2.) Move around even just lightly with gentler activities if you likethat speed more.  Do yoga, run a bit or heck run in place, do jumping jacks, safely attempt a push up- something.  Search and search for different work out plans to mix it up.

3.) It is OK to cheat a bit more on your period or before.  Chocolate is fine especially if it is rawer and darker.

4.) Ideally half or a third of your plate shoulc consist of veggies and/or raw, fibrous fruit.  Have as much protein as you think your body needs to sustain a good mood.  Have some fat if you want.

5.) And lastly minimize junk and processed foods and you will find out you can eat more and burn more calories.

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