Detoxify Your Body with Clay

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Detoxify Your Body with ClayBoth clay and water are excellent when it comes to healing your body. Even animals are known to use this mixture for hundreds of years to heal themselves. It’s fun to play in mud, which we did at some point in our lives, but I’m sure you never knew it could detoxify your body right?

Bentonite clays form when volcanic ash weathers. The most popular kinds are sodium-based which can absorb and swell, and calcium-based, which can absorb and exchange negative ions from positive ions.

This is essential in detoxification since the heavy metals, toxins and all the other things you need to get rid of gravitate towards the negative charge of the clay. This means the clay can absorb the toxins, and exchange it with the trace minerals for your body. Clay is also antibacterial, which is a big help as well, when it comes to detoxification.

When you experience acne, eczema, exhaustion, headaches, and other symptoms, this means your body is under attack from toxins and other stressors from your surroundings. Clay can be of great help against them.

Check out the ways you can detoxify yourself with clay.

  1. Bath

Bathing in clay will help your body expel all the bad stuff from your pores while promoting the healing process. Essential oils can be a welcome addition, via aromatherapy for both your senses and your skin.

Mix in a cup or two of clay to the bathwater before soaking in it for fifteen minutes. Don’t stay in there longer than fifteen minutes. Rinse afterwards. You’ll notice how soft and clean your body feels. If you lack a bathtub, you can use oil as a fully-body mask.

Don’t forget to drink a lot of water with sea salt, lemon and honey, or coconut water, to balance out your body after bathing in clay.

  1. Facial mask

This mask is great at cleansing your pores of toxins, removing harmful bacteria and making your skin soft and radiant. What you mix in with the clay will depend on the clay you choose. It can range from apple cider vinegar to a low pH hydrosol. These help maintain the pH levels of the skin.

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Add two tablespoons of clay into the vinegar or hydrosol. Try mixing until it becomes paste. Add essential oils as well. Apply the paste on your neck and face. Wait five to ten minutes. Remember, do not let the paste dry out.

Once you feel the paste drying, sprinkle a bit of clean water or hydrosol to make it moist. The clay detoxifies when it is in liquid, not solid form. Once done, wash it off using warm water. After patting your face dry with a towel, use a moisturizer.

  1. Mouthwash

Clay can also get rid of bacteria and toxins, when it’s in mouthwash form.

Pour filtered water into a cup until it’s a fourth full, before mixing half a teaspoon of clay. Sip small amounts of this mixture. Swish in your mouth for a minute. Repeat this until you finish the contents of the cup. Rinse the mouth with clean water. Relish the great feeling or freshness and having a clean mouth.

Clay comes from the earth, and has a healing energy that will surely benefit your body.

Important note: Ask your doctor first before you use clay. Do not let it come in contact with anything metal. Use wooden, glass or ceramic utensils or bowls.

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