Crazy Beauty Tips that Really Work

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Just because a beauty tip sounds weird doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not going to work. The fact is there are tons of tips and tricks that can actually make you look and feel terrific even though they may sound really strange at first.

Below are proofs that some of the most fantastic beauty tips on the planet seem crazy. Before you pass them on to your family and friends, make sure that you have one valid proof that they really work: a stunning you!

Mayo Moisturizes Your Mane

Suffering from dry hair and none of the products you have in your bathroom seems to work? Head to the kitchen and reach for that bottle of mayonnaise in the fridge. Apply and massage liberal amounts of it on your tresses, from roots to tips. Leave it there for a few minutes, then shampoo thoroughly to get rid of the smell.

Black Tea Beats Sunburn

Fret not if you have stayed under the sun longer than intended. You can easily manage the stinging sensation and swelling simply by immersing your body in a tub filled with lukewarm water and some black tea bags. Tannins in the tea help soothe burned and inflamed skin, allowing you to attain comfort and healing quickly.

Lemon Lightens Your Tresses

If you are on the hunt for some really cheap highlights, look no further than the basket of fruits in the kitchen. Applying freshly squeezed lemon juice on your hair can give you the highlights you want without the steep price tag. The best time to do this weird DIY beauty solution is right before you step foot outside your home and bask in the sun.

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Hot Sauce Makes Hair Grow

One of the craziest tips you will find out there is applying hot pepper sauce on your scalp to grow more hair. The reason behind why it works is this: the well-loved condiment helps promote blood circulation to the scalp. This only means that the hair follicles are supplied with more oxygen and nutrients, causing them to function better.

Hemorrhoid Cream Zaps Puffy Eyes

Frustrated that eye puffiness is still there after placing slices and slices of cucumber on your peepers? Check if there’s a tube of hemorrhoid cream in your medicine cabinet. This product contains anti-inflammatory ingredients that can put a stop to the puffiness. It works like magic each time!

Baby Powder Dry Cleans Hair

Got no time to hit the shower and shampoo? Sprinkle some baby powder on your scalp. Doing this helps absorb excess oils, instantly giving you scalp that’s clean and fresh-smelling. It’s a good idea to apply baby powder with the help of a humungous makeup. Brush as usual to get rid of the product just before you head out.

Strawberry Shines Your Teeth

Whether you choose to munch on them or rub them on your pearly whites, strawberries are very good at polishing your teeth. See to it that you rinse your mouth with water afterwards to prevent the acidic juices from dissolving the enamel of your teeth. Also, try to limit this DIY teeth whitening tip to a few times a week only.

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