Clever Ways to Please Your Sweet Tooth

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Clever Ways to Please Your Sweet ToothDesserts — the more you turn your back on them, the more irresistible they get! So what’s someone like you who wants to get slimmer and healthier got to do? Outsmart your sweet tooth!

Fortunately, there are plenty of sweet treats out there that you may enjoy without ruining your diet. Reaching for them will keep you from feeling deprived, thus making the journey to a fitter you easier. Read on to know a few saccharine snacks that won’t wreak havoc to your waistline. Remember to enjoy them in moderation!

Dark Chocolate

Unlike your classic milk chocolate, there is no added sugar and milk in dark chocolate — so you know it’s a dessert that won’t leave you feeling guilty afterwards! When shopping, always read the label. Opting for at least 70% cacao is the smartest way to outsmart your sweet tooth.

A Glass of Smoothie

Whipping up a serving of smoothie at home is a wonderful way to have your dose of sweet stuff. Not only will a glass of it make your sweet tooth feel really fulfilled but it will also supply your body with vitamins and minerals. Steer clear of the ones you can buy at the malls as they are laden with sweeteners and other fancy ingredients!

Homemade Sorbet

Especially when those hot summer days strike, having a serving of sorbet you have made yourself is a great way to combat the heat and please your sweet tooth. Logging on the web allows you to come across a staggering assortment of sorbet recipes for a figure-conscious person like you.

Frozen Fruits

Another way to fend off the summer heat while keeping your sweet tooth on cloud nine is munching on some frozen fruits. Just before you hit the sack, throw in some grapes, raspberries, slices of melons or anything else you want in the freezer. The following day, you got some healthy desserts to nibble on!

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Greek Yogurt

It is said that Greek yogurt is the healthiest of all the yogurts you can find at the supermarket. To really curb your craving for something sweet, try topping a serving of Greek yogurt with some fruits! Blueberries, peaches, apricots, bananas and mangoes are some excellent choices.

A Handful of Trail Mix

With an assortment of nuts and dried fruits, you know that having a handful of trail mix is a healthy way to please your sweet tooth. Nuts are excellent sources of healthy fats and dried fruits are loaded with fiber and antioxidants. Adding some dark chocolate bits inro the mix will surely make your snack time a delight!

Peanut Butter on Graham Cracker

Looking for a quick way to satisfy your sweet tooth without running your diet? Spread some peanut butter on a piece of graham cracker! Every bite will surely fill your mouth with the heavenly sweetness and texture of the two. No need to go for reduced fat peanut butter as experts say that it’s actually bad for you!

A Cup of Hot Chocolate

Nothing can delight your sweet tooth better than chocolate! Whipping up a cup of hot chocolate is a brilliant way to end a meal instead of reaching for that slice of cake or piece of muffin. Instead of whole milk, it is a great idea to use skim milk or even soy milk for a rich cup of your favorite hot chocolate.

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