Carbs You Should Never Consider Ditching

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Carbs You Should Never Consider DitchingSome people who wish to lose weight are quick to eliminate carbs in their lives. While it’s true that there are numerous sources of carbohydrates that are bad for the health and waistline, it’s not really a good idea to turn your back on all carbs.

Naturally, the kinds that you can purchase at fast food joints and come in colorful packaging at the supermarket can put your figure in shambles. However, so many other carbs are good and can actually help you turn your dream figure into a reality because they energize your body, thus allowing you to have the fuel necessary for being physically active.

Below are some of the carbs that you should reincorporate into your diet in case you have already banned them in your life. Aside from carbohydrates, many of the following also supply your body with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber.



Carbs You Should Never Consider DitchingA lot of people think that corn is bad, but this is far from reality. What give corn a tainted reputation are those packaged products that are laden with sodium and many other chemicals. However, the kind that comes from nature and straight into your kitchen is actually loaded with fiber, vitamin C, and eye-friendly lutein and zeaxanthin.


Carbs You Should Never Consider DitchingThe nicest thing about bananas is they’re the most convenient source of energy for a weight-watcher like you. It’s true that these elongated tropical fruits contain sugar, but it’s the all-natural kind plus all the other nutrients bananas pack quickly make up for that. Bananas are loaded with vitamin B6, fiber, manganese and of course potassium.


Carbs You Should Never Consider DitchingBecause it is low in calories and teeming with fiber, squash is a wonderful source of carbohydrates. Its lovely orange color is also a clear sign that it is loaded with antioxidants. True enough, squash is a rich source of carotenoids — plant pigments known to help fight cancer and eye diseases.

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White Potatoes

Carbs You Should Never Consider DitchingPerhaps you have read time and again that any food product with “white” in it should be ditched. However, white potatoes are an exception. They are excellent sources of good carbs that energize your body. These white spuds also yield vitamin C, potassium and fiber, with much of it concentrated on the skin.

Green Peas

Carbs You Should Never Consider DitchingIt’s for certain you will spot green peas on various listings of low-carb diets. There are two reasons why you should not pay any attention to them. First, diets don’t work. Second, green peas are packed with fiber and protein, as well as phytonutrients that posses superb antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.


Carbs You Should Never Consider DitchingMany fitness experts recommend for you to have a serving of oatmeal for breakfast, and they are definitely right. That’s because oatmeal helps jumpstart your metabolism in the morning and helps keep the sugar level in the blood stable. Oatmeal is also loaded with fiber that wards off constipation and helps lower bad cholesterol.

Breakfast Cereal

Carbs You Should Never Consider DitchingAside from oatmeal, it’s also a wonderful idea to start your day with a bowl of breakfast cereals. The good news is so many of your options at the supermarket these days are actually made of whole grains. To be on the safe side, always read the label before paying for it. Also, opt for breakfast cereals with the least amounts of sugar and calories.

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