Can Falling In Love Help You Lose Weight?

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Do you know that falling in love can help you lose weight? Let’s find out how.

A recent study have concluded that falling in love can help in weight loss. The whole theory about the “love pounds” has just about been overturned by researchers.

Experts have concluded that even though there could be an initial increase in weight, the body releases a hormone when you are in love, which suppresses appetite and helps you get fit.

Can Falling In Love Help You Lose Weight?


For the study, the researchers involved 25 young men with various BMIs. They were given either a placebo or an oxytocin nasal spray.

They were asked to order breakfast from a menu and were given 2 portions of whatever they asked for. The researchers then calculated the number of calories each individual consumed during the meal.

Two months later, the experiment was repeated. But those who received the placebo were given the oxytocin and vice-versa. The researchers found that, on average, those given the oxytocin spray consumed 9 fewer grams of fat and 122 fewer calories, compared to those in the placebo group.

Men in the oxytocin group also used more of their stored body fat for fuel compared to their counterparts. Also they showed an increase in metabolism and improved insulin sensitivity.

How Falling In Love Makes You Lose Weight?

There are changes that occur in your body when you fall in love. But what are these changes exactly?

Let’s find out.

1. Being in Love is the Best Motivation to Lose Weight
When you are in love, dopamine levels shoot up in your brain, which makes you feel happier. The reason that your heart starts beating faster, which makes you feel more alive while in love is because of dopamine.

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The benefit of feeling better about yourself with dopamine is that it can be used when trying to lose weight for motivation. For individuals who have not had the best of luck with exercise and diet, falling in love first may give you the dopamine needed to be more motivated when trying to lose weight.

2. Being in Love Helps You Burn Fat Faster

Another philosophy of being in love is, it helps boost norepinephrine. Norepinephrine helps you burn fat faster, which turns fat into energy, that can be metabolized by the body more efficiently.

Falling in love helps your body get the norepinephrine needed to burn fat more efficiently.

So What Really happens to Your Hormones When You Fall in Love?

The hormones present when you are feeling anxious on how things are going to work out in your relationship or you are nervous about something is phenethylamine. It can also be even called, “The Love Hormone”.

PEA or phenethylamine multiplies the effect of dopamine in your body, while also working to increase fat burning efficiency and suppress your appetite. It is also known to be an active ingredient in some weight loss solutions.

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