Can Eating “Healthy” Make You Fat?

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Are you trying to lose weight by limiting your food intake to healthy foods? But did you know your diet can backfire?

If you think a particular food is healthy, you eat more of it, right? But his can make you gain weight, as proven by researchers at the University of Texas.


This is because you think you are eating something that is not filling when the food is said to be healthy. So when you eat it, you will end up consuming much more, to the point that you overeat.

In the study, researchers gave two groups of people popcorn. They told one group that the snack was “healthy” and the other group that it was “unhealthy.” The group who thought they were eating diet popcorn consumed twice as much or 2.33 cups compared to 1 cup.

Can Eating “Healthy” Make You Fat?

The Reason

Your brain tricks you into feeling less full, when you eat a food that you think is healthy, says study author Jacob Suher.

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This was confirmed in another study: The scientists gave people either a “healthy” or “unhealthy” cookie. The group who ate the supposedly healthy treats reported that they were hungrier afterward.

So it seems that we think words like “natural” and “healthy,” give us license to eat as much as we want because we think it will not affect your bodies.

You tend to forget that overeating is overeating, so this also applies to healthy food. The calories will still add up, and if you do not burn them, you will gain weight.

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So before you indulge in another serving, ask yourself if you are physically hungry or you are just trying to satisfy an emotional craving or hunger.

Nutritionists suggests asking yourself this question “Would I want this food if it were a handful of carrots or an apple?” If the answer is no, “there is a good chance your body is full.” This is the time to stay away from the kitchen.

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