Cable Exercises for the Chest

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Cable Exercises for the ChestMost people have the highest interest on training the chest, also termed as pecs, along with the shoulders, arms, back, legs, and abs. Since it is in the anterior or front part of the body, the chest is one of the muscle groups that promote the aesthetics of one’s physique. While barbell presses, dumbbell presses, dips, and push-ups allow chest development, cables are also used in order to enhance chest mass and definition.

In line with cables exercises, the following are some routines one can do to develop the chest.

Standing High Cable Crossover

The standing high cable crossover is one of the isolation pushing exercises for the chest and in this exercise, the person stays in between the pulleys. According to Men’s Health, the exercise is the bilateral version of the unilateral high cable fly. The person starts with attaching the stirrup handles to the high pullers and grabbing the handle with the inside hand. Then, he pulls back his shoulder blades and keeps his elbows slightly bent. After that, the person pulls the handles down in a wide arc in front of the body until the hands meet about a foot or so in front of the midsection. Then, the person pauses and squeezes his chest muscles together and returns to the starting position.

Standing Low Cable Crossover

The standing low cable crossover is another isolation pushing exercise for the chest; though it also engages the shoulders, according to Body Building. To perform the exercise, the person moves into the starting position and places the pulleys at the low position. Then, he chooses the resistance to be used and grabs a handle in each hand. After that, the person makes the starting position by stepping forward and gaining tension from the pulleys. A good practice is to have the palms face forward, with the hands below the waist and the arms straight. Then, the person draws his hands upward and toward the midline of the body, with a slight bend in the arms. The person’s hands should come together in front of the chest, with palms facing up. After a brief pause, the person returns his arms back to the starting position.

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Cable Fly

Just like the first two exercises, the cable fly is another isolated pushing cable exercise for the chest. Stand with two opposing pulleys to each side. After that, he bends over as he flexes his hips and knees. Next, he internally rotates shoulders will the elbows are slightly bent, for the elbows to be back initially. Then, the person brings the cable attachments together in a hugging motion, with the elbows in fixed position. Remember to keep the elbows pointed upward at top and out to sides at the bottom. After that, the person goes back to starting position until the chest muscles as stretched.

A variation of a cable fly is the one that uses a bench. According to Men’s Health, the exercise is done by attaching stirrup handles to the low pulleys of a cable-crossover machine. Then, he places a bench between the pulleys and lies on it. Then, he grabs the handles and holds them over the middle of the chest, with the elbows slightly bent. After that, the person lowers his arms down and back towards his ears until the elbows are even with the bench. After a pause, the person brings the handles up in a wide and arcing motion, maintaining the bent angle of the elbows.

Overall, the chest is one of the major muscles groups that are trained by body builders. Aside from boosted masculine look, a massive chest enhances a man’s overall physique. In addition to consistent training, maximum chest development will also be achieved through proper nutrition and adequate rest.

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