Burst Training: The Best Fat-Burning Exercise

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Burst training combines short and high intensity bursts of exercise, with slow, recovery phases. This is repeated during one exercise session. It is done at 85-100% maximum heart rate, rather than 50-70% in moderate endurance activity.

A good example of burst training is going to a track, then walking the curves and sprinting. Or it could be getting on a spin bike and cycling hard for about 20 seconds then going lightly for 20 seconds, then doing that cycle for at least 10-40 minutes.

Burst Training: The Best Fat-Burning Exercise

Studies Show Burst Training Effective for Fast Weight Loss

A study conducted by the University of New South Wales Medical Sciences found that burst interval cardio can burn more than 3x more body fat, compared to that of moderate cardio.

The researchers conducted the study on two groups, the first group did eight seconds of sprinting on a bike, which is then followed by exercising lightly for 12 seconds, for 20 minutes. This group lost 3 times as much fat, compared to the other group, who exercised at a continuous, regular pace for at least 40 minutes.

Why Burst Training is the Best Fat-Loss Exercise

The main reason burst training works, is because it produces a unique metabolic response in the body. Intermittent sprinting causes the body to not burn as much fat during exercise. But after the workout, your metabolism stays elevated and will continue to burn fat for the next 24-48 hours.

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Chemicals known as catecholamines are also produced, that allows more fat to be burned. This causes an increased fat oxidation, resulting to weight loss. The women from the study lost the most weight off their legs and buttocks.

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Summarized Benefits:

  • Can do the exercise workout in less time, with much better results
  • Forces the muscle to utilize more fat, both during and after exercise.
  • The body will continue to burn fat, 48 hours after you are done exercising
  • Fat burning increased by at least 36%, after two weeks of interval training

How to do Burst Training

One thing to remember when doing burst training is this, if you can do burst training over one minute at a time, then you’re not doing it hard enough. The intensity should be step up and you should be breathless after that burst-training minute. Then you will soon slow down to a normal pace to catch your breath for at least 1-2 minutes, and then repeat the process.

You can complete a burst-training workout in about 15 minutes, so it is not an excuse to skip exercising.

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