Brilliant Beauty Uses for Petroleum Jelly

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Whenever you are in need of a quick beauty fix, get your hands on that tub of petroleum jelly. Readily available and cheap, this versatile product can help you look and feel marvelous each time. Start reading to know how you can make the most out of your trusted petroleum jelly beauty-wise.

Lip Softener

No other lip balm on the planet is as cheap, accessible and effective as petroleum jelly. Simply smear on your kissers each time they feel rough and dry. Here’s a wonderful tip: apply petroleum jelly on your lips just before you step foot in dreamland to wake up to soft and luscious lips the following day.

Lip Exfoliant

From time to time, your lips need to be exfoliated to remove those dead cells sitting on top of them. An excellent way to exfoliate your lips is by applying generous amounts of petroleum jelly on them and gently scrubbing them using a toothbrush intended for babies.

Pearly White Polisher

Use your fingertips to apply petroleum jelly on your pearly whites to attain a really brilliant smile. You don’t have to be a beauty queen just to do this very simple petroleum jelly trick.

Eye Moisturizer

Panic not when you run out of eye cream. All you have to do is reach for that tub of petroleum jelly before bedtime. Apply a thin layer of the product on your eyelids and on areas where lines tend to appear when you flash a smile — the sides of your eyes and under them.

Cheap Mascara Replacement

Daub a small amount of petroleum jelly on your eyelashes each time you want to skip using mascara and go for a more no-makeup look. Use your favorite eyelash brush to spread petroleum jelly from the base to the tip of each lash. It’s a cheap and effective way to enjoy thick and shiny eyelashes!

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Cheekbone Highlighter

Make your cheekbones appear more pronounced and dewy simply by applying a really thin layer of petroleum jelly on top of them. This is a wonderful trick to use especially if you want to give your face a break from makeup. Add a little red liquid lipstick to petroleum jelly for a rosy glow.

Nail Strengthener

Brittle nails can keep you from enjoying a phenomenal manicure. Luckily, strengthening your nails is as trouble-free as smearing petroleum jelly on them. Extra tip: apply petroleum jelly around the base of your nails to ensure that no paint goes beyond your nails.

Hand Softener

A really cheap and quick way to enjoy soft and well-hydrated hands is by applying petroleum jelly on them. This is best done just before you sleep at night. Remember to put on a pair of latex gloves (if you’re not allergic to the material) to keep petroleum jelly off your pillows, beddings and jammies.

Split End Eliminator

Excessive dryness makes your hair brittle and prone to having split ends. Especially if you’re the kind of woman who can’t say no to blow dryers and flat irons, it’s a good idea to regularly apply petroleum jelly at the ends of your tresses. Keeping them hydrated helps prevent nasty split ends.

Hair Polisher

Daub a small amount of petroleum jelly on the top of your head and use a comb to evenly distribute it. The result? Soft and shiny hair that dazzles! Remember that a little goes a long, long way. Too much petroleum jelly will only rob your tresses of volume and bounce.

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