Avoid This Common Mistake When Drinking Lemon Water

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Drinking lemon water in the morning has become a routine for people around the world. Lemons contain various essential nutrients and can help improve your overall health.

According to experts, drinking lemon water every morning can provide your body with a healthy amount of antioxidants, vitamins B and C, minerals and flavonoids.

Lemon water contains anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and immune-boosting properties which will help your body fight infections and different health issues. The drink will also help relieve any kind of digestive problem and boost your digestion.

Avoid This Common Mistake When Drinking Lemon Water
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Lemon Water Preparation Mistake:

But, are you making the most out of this lemon fruit? Or are you one of those who are making a mistake each time they drink lemon water, which results in missing a lot of the health benefits.

The normal direction you follow when making lemon water would be, cutting the lemon, squeezing the juice of the lemon into a bottle and then adding ice cubes or hot water
in a warm water, then putting the skin away.

And this is the common mistake people make when preparing lemon water, they throw out the peel of the lemon, which is a very bad idea. In case you did not know, the lemon peel is one of the most nutritious parts of the entire lemon fruit.

Lemon peels contain more vitamins compared to its juice. It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, folate, beta carotene, magnesium, calcium and potassium.

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The Right Lemon Water Recipe:

1. Take out a couple fresh, organic lemons.
2. Slice them as thick or thin as you like.
3. Squeeze some of the sliced lemons into the water, but not all.
4. Grate some of the zest of the squeezed slices into your drink.
5. Put the remaining un-squeezed slices in your water bottle, mug, travel cup or blender bottle.
6. Fill to the brim with either ice cold or boiling hot water.

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