Avoid These 7 Mistakes When Taking a Shower

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Do you know that showering has right and wrong ways? The way you take a shower is equally essential as compared to showering daily.

Unknowingly there might be things that you might be doing wrong while taking a shower. You need to stop it right now, as this can cause harm to your skin in one way or another.

Therefore, the next time you take a bath, avoid doing these mistakes. You need to take these things into mind for your health.

Avoid These 7 Mistakes When Taking a Shower
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7 Showering Mistakes You Must Avoid:

1. Drying Off Vigorously

Intense drying using your towel can ruin your hair follicles. This can lead to breakage and damage. Also, it can also worsen skin conditions such as itchiness and dryness. Pat yourself dry gently and avoid wrapping your hair up in a towel.

2. Exfoliating Daily

Daily exfoliation is not the best way to remove oil and dirt build-up. Over-scrubbing can cause your skin to become oilier, and therefore trap more bacteria and dirt.

Instead, you can use a gentle scrub just a few days per week, or even better, just 1 a week and at night.

3. Not Taking Care of Your Towels

The danger with towels is not only that they are can irritate and may be rough on your skin, but one of their risks is they often become susceptible to growing germs and bacteria.

The reason? This is because of the humidity that remain often in the towel’s fibers, if they are not dried well.

It is not enough that your towel smells fine. Sometimes your towels become so old, they are saturated with chemicals from the washing detergents. This can cause you to suffer from small allergic reactions. The best option is to replace your towels every so often.

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4. Not Rinsing Well Enough

Make sure that all hair products and soap are completely rinsed off. This is because lingering product can lead to clogged pores and skin irritation, which can cause acne.

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Prevent “bacne” (pimples on your back) by rinsing your hair with your head tilted to the side, allowing the shampoo and conditioner to run right into the drain and not down your back.

5. Taking Too Hot Baths or Showers

What happens if the temperature is too high and you are in the shower for some 15-20 minutes? Read on below to find out:

  • Water that is too hot can make you lose part of your own essential oils. These are needed by your skin to keep itself hydrated and smooth. Hot water opens your skin pores and that is when you could suffer from a small decompensation, which is the inability of the body, most especially the circulatory system, to function properly.
  • It is recommended that you do not remain long in hot water. Just 5 or 6 minutes is sufficient. Afterward, you can continue your bath or shower with a more tepid temperature.

6. Too Much Soap

Soap is abrasive, so it can irritate and dehydrate your skin. Also, it strips important natural oils out of your skin.

7. Waiting to Apply Lotion

The best time to moisturize is as soon as you finished patting yourself dry, this is when your skin is still damp. Remember to make use of the humidity in the bathroom and ambient heat from the shower, then put on moisturizer within minutes. Lotion soaks into your skin best when it’s a bit damp.

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