Are You Getting Enough of This Important Nutrient, Which Keeps Your Metabolism in Check?

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There are many mineral and vitamins, wherein not getting enough will make you sick. Calcium is essential for strong bones and omega-3s are responsible for keeping you healthy.

But are You Familiar with Choline?

Choline is quite similar to B vitamins and can be made in the liver. It can also be found in foods such as liver, fish, muscle meats, beans, nuts, spinach, peas, wheat germ and eggs.

Are You Getting Enough of This Important Nutrient, Which Keeps Your Metabolism in Check?
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What Does Choline Do to Your Body?

Choline plays an essential role in fat metabolism. Without choline, fat and cholesterol build-up, can accumulate in the liver, instead of being transported to the bloodstream. This is very important, because as cholesterol and fat, build-up in the liver, you are at higher risk for developing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. This is a condition that is closely associated to metabolic syndrome.

Also, choline plays an important role in fighting levels of inflammatory markers that are associated to heart diseases.  It may also play an important role in brain health, boosting cognitive functions such as visual memory, verbal memory and motor speed in older individuals. Recent study suggests that enough choline intake could reduce the risk of breast cancer.

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Sources of Choline:

Below are choline-rich foods:

1. Beef Liver – 5 ounce of raw liver contains 423 mg of choline
2. Cruciferous Vegetables (including bok choy, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower) – Contains around 65 mg of choline per cup cooked.
3. Grass-Fed Raw Dairy (including yogurt, fresh milk and kefir)- Contains about 40 mg of choline
4. Pastured Eggs – Contains about 115 mg of Choline

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Women need 425 mg of choline per day, while men on the other hand, need 550 mg,according to the Institute of Medicine.

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