Heart health is very important for a healthy, quality life, as this provides oxygen and blood to each and every one of your bodily systems. Also, the heart is the motor that makes your entire body work, and your diet is one of the essential factor that either help or destroy it.

Green Apples and Oatmeal for Heart Health

Green apples and oats are very beneficial for you health. Added to their health benefits, the combination of these two is very delicious and healthy. Let’s look at one option to combine them:


1 Green apple
1 cup Water
3 Tablespoon Rolled Oats
Optional: Lemon, cinnamon powder and ice


  1. Soak the oats using a glass of water overnight.
  2. Slice the green apple into small pieces.
  3. Add the apple and oatmeal, then blend to a homogeneous shake.
  4. To add more flavor, add a dash of lemon juice, pure honey, or cinnamon to your taste.


  • For frappe consistency, you can add ice cubes during the blending process.
  • For a smoothie drink, you must freeze the cut apple overnight.

Benefits of:

Oats and Beta-Glucan

Oats, are loaded in beta-glucan, which is a group of Beta-D-glucose polysaccharides that happen naturally in the cell walls of bacteria, cereals, and fungi. Also, they have many physicochemical properties depending on their source.

Therefore, this is excellent for lowering the bad cholesterol. Also, these are rich in omega 3 acids, or the “good fat,” and fiber. This fiber helps eliminates and absorbs the toxins from your body.

Green Apple

Besides being a delicious fruit, apples are natural aid to weight loss. Also, apples help maintain strong, healthy teeth, while providing energy and fiber to the body.

Green apples are good because of their high levels of potassium. Also, apple consumption helps maintain a regular heart beat.

Apples + Oats = Healthy Heart

The benefits of oats and green apples are very clear. Imagine what will happen to your heart if you add both into your daily diet. What a heart health boost!

Both ingredients contribute very little sodium to your body and are very good at balancing the levels of bad cholesterol. Also, these two help you feel full.

Excess triglycerides and cholesterol in the body, along with weight and bad nutrition, directly affect your circulatory system. Also, they make your body more prone to accumulating fat in arteries, and therefore higher risk of heart attacks, and other health conditions.

By including foods such as green apples and oats in your daily diet, you will enjoy better health. But, remember that you must also add daily physical activity and try to avoid stress.

Give your body a great start to work at its best by including apples and oats in your daily diet.

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