Aloe Vera Juice: Its Endless Health Benefits and How to Make One

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Aloe vera juice is made using the leaves of the Aloe vera plant. The juice is made throughgrinding, crushing, and blending the entire leaf. After various filtering steps, the juice can be consumed for its concentrated nutritional values.

While the smell of Aloe vera plant can be potent, the juice is quite mild, that is why it has recently become known as a dietary drink or health supplement.

Health Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice:

1. Heart Health

Aloe vera juice can help in protecting cardiovascular health in various ways. By boosting circulation, Aloe vera juice can reduce the amount of cholesterol in your blood and prevent blood clotting.

This is great news for people with diabetes, atherosclerosis, or other conditions related to the heart.

2. Lower Blood Cholesterol Level

Aloe vera juice therapy can help reduce blood cholesterol. Also, this can have a positive effect on your cardiovascular health.

The soluble fiber B-sitosterol in present in Aloe vera juice is credited with binding to cholesterol molecules, and in carrying them out of the body.

A Korean study on animals has reported as much as 30% reduction in cholesterol in participants given Aloe vera juice. Also, longtime use has been reported to help in reducing not only in triglycerides and blood cholesterol, but also hepatic cholesterol.

3. Liver Health

When it comes to detoxing, having a healthy liver function is key. Aloe vera juice is a great way to keep your liver healthy. This is because the liver functions best when your body is adequately hydrated and nourished.

Aloe vera juice is perfect for the liver because it is rich in phytonutrients and is hydrating.

4. Oral Health

Aloe vera juice promotes dental health because it is neither sugary nor acidic. Gum disease, which is characterized by bleeding and inflammation of the gum, is a common sign of deteriorating oral health.

The anti-inflammatory property of Aloe vera juice can help with gum disease, while its anti-microbial action can keep bacteria population in check.

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Also, Aloe vera juice is known to help in reducing mouth ulcers too. You just have to swish the juice around in your mouth for 1-2 minutes.

5. Skin Care

The antioxidants and nutrients present in Aloe vera juice affect more than the stomach; also the physical side effects can be seen.

Regular consumption of this juice can help reduce signs of aging and give your skin a natural glow.

Aloe Vera Juice Recipe:


3 cups Water
1 Aloe vera leaf (large)
Small bowl

1. Cut 1 large leaf from your aloe plant. You can gently pull them off, but cutting would be essential if your plant is sturdy.
2. Remove the outer thorny layer of the leaves using a knife. This will show the latex of the leaves, which is a yellow layer that resides directly underneath.
3. Cut through the latex of the leaf, then scoop out the inner clear aloe vera gel using a spoon.
4. Place the gel in a small bowl.
5. Remove any latex remnants as these contain strong laxative properties.
6. Take out 2 Tbsps aloe gel and place in a blender for the Aloe vera juice.
7. Add water, then blend on a low setting for at least 3-5 minutes.
8. Place the juice in a clear glass.


  • You may add a dash of ginger or lemon for added taste.
  • You can dilute this juice with water or other juices to enhance its flavor or taste. Or you can consume it in its natural state, but be aware of its laxative effect.

Important Reminder:
If you are planning to add Aloe vera juice into your diet plan, consult with your doctor first to discuss effectiveness and safety.


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