Aloe Vera and Diabetes

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Aloe vera is a type of succulent plant which has been used as a herbal medicine for years and is currently added into some personal care products. Previous studies have shown mixed results on whether the plant is useful for diabetes control.

Aloe vera is a product of the succulent and prickly aloe vera plant, which has been used in herbal medicine for years because of its rejuvenating, healing and soothing properties.

Aloe Vera is native to South Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America, and the plant’s leaves has a clear gel that is widely used in creams, shampoos, lotions and ointments.

Aloe Vera and Diabetes
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What is Diabetes?

Diabetes which is too much glucose or sugar, in the blood is caused by your body’s inability to regulate insulin.

According to the Mayo Clinic, having diabetes can double your risk of having a stroke or heart attack, and can cause circulatory problems, nerve damage, blindness, slow healing and increased risk of infection.

Aloe Vera as Diabetes Treatment:

Some evidence in people and animals suggests that aloe vera is able to alleviate the perturbed lipid profile and chronic hyperglycemia that are common among individuals with diabetes, and are also a major risk factors for cardiovascular complications. This adds natural diabetes cure to the list of aloe vera benefits.

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In 2 related clinical trials, 72 diabetic women without drug therapy were given a placebo for 6 weeks or 1 tbsp of aloe vera gel. Serum triglyceride and blood glucose levels were significantly decreased with aloe vera treatment.

In the second trial, the effects of aloe vera gel or placebo in combination with glibenclamide, which is a commonly prescribed antidiabetic medication, were investigated. This also resulted in significant reductions in serum triglyceride and blood glucose concentrations in the aloe vera group.

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How to Use Aloe Vera for the Treatment of Diabetes:

Take a tablespoonful of aloe juice 2 times a day to lower blood glucose levels and help regularize insulin flow naturally.

According to the Herb Companion website, a clinical study in 1995 showed that 39 diabetic patients who took the dosage of aloe juice for 2 weeks experienced significant drops in blood sugar.


If you want to try aloe vera to alleviate your symptoms of diabetes, your doctor can advise you whether or not you are a good candidate for this complementary treatment.

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