All-Natural Homemade Toothache Remedy

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Toothache can be consider as one of the most terrible experience, as the pain can affect almost every part of the body. But before you visit your dentist or take any over-the-counter medications, there are some effective natural remedies you can try at home.

You can start by starting with this homemade toothache remedy.

All-Natural Homemade Toothache Remedy
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Natural Homemade Toothache Remedy


Coconut oil
Clove powder

1. Mix clove powder and coconut oil.
2. Apply the mixture in the area where you feel pain.
3. Do this at least 3 times a day, for 1 minute.

How This Remedy Work

Clove Oil
Using clove oil for toothache is one of the simplest and quickest way to get relief. Clove has good anesthetic,antispasmodic, antibacterial and stimulating properties, which makes it a good pain reliever.

A substance known as eugenol in clove, contains anesthetic effect, which treats root canal and cavities effectively.

Coconut Oil
Coconut oil acts as an agent to help reduce dental carries, as this contains powerful compounds to remove bacteria in the teeth and mouth.

Oil pulling using coconut oil is also one of the most effective method to get rid of toxins from the tooth and your mouth as well. Just swish 1 tablespoon of coconut oil in the mouth and through the teeth for some minutes. Then spit it out afterwards. Repeat to help relieve the pain.

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Other Effective Toothache Remedies:

There are more natural and effective remedies you can use to treat tooth and gum problems. You can use them instead of over-the-counter medications.

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1. Gargle using a mixture of 1 tablespoon salt and a small cup of warm water. Reif the pain continues.

2. Using tea tree oil is also effective. Just mix a few drops of the oil with and a cup of warm water. Rinse your mouth with it. You can also choose to use olive oil or oil of oregano.

3. Using a cotton ball soaked in white vinegar or apple cider vinegar cal also help. Just hold the cotton ball in the painful area, to get instant relief.

4. Use fresh peppermint leaves by chewing on it, can also get you instant relief.

5. You can also make a paste mixture, using cayenne pepper and water. Apply it on the painful area.

Do you know any other effective mmethod to relieve toothache? Share your tips with us!

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