A Woman’s Guide to Different Kinds of Pants

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Hear yeh, ladies! It’s not enough that you just know how to dress yourself well and fashionably. You also need to know what exactly you’re wearing.

We’ve got a handy guide for you to know your way around an important clothing category: pants!

A Woman’s Guide to Different Kinds of Pants
types of women’s pants / pixabay

1. Bell bottoms
Originally wore by sailors, these pants flare from the knee to the ankles, allowing them to be rolled up easier.

A Woman’s Guide to Different Kinds of Pants
bell-buttons / pixabay

2. Palazzo
These are long, wide leg flares made out of flowy fabrics.

A Woman’s Guide to Different Kinds of Pants
palazzo pants / youtube.com

3. Culottes
These are wide, loose-fitting trousers that are shorter than palazzo pants and hang like a skirt. They are usually knee length or a little longer in length.

A Woman’s Guide to Different Kinds of Pants
culottes / pinterest.com

4. Bermuda
These are also known as walking shorts or dress shorts that extend up to the knee.

A Woman’s Guide to Different Kinds of Pants
bermuda-pants / pinterest

5. Straight pants
The most common and the most flattering type of pants for all body types. This cut maintains the same width from your knee to ankle. As the name implies these pants are straight all along its length. They usually have opening in the front with zipper and or buttons.

A Woman’s Guide to Different Kinds of Pants
straight-pants / Pinterest

6. Sailor
These are type of bell bottom pants distinguished by button embellishments.

A Woman’s Guide to Different Kinds of Pants
sailor pants / pinterest

7. Jumpsuit
These are garments that incorporate both a top and a pair of trousers in 1 piece.

A Woman’s Guide to Different Kinds of Pants
jumpsuit / pinterest

8. Capri
These are also called 3-quarter pants as they are pants longer than shorts but as not long as trousers.

9. Boyfriend jeans
These are jeans that are meant to be worn slouchy and relaxed.

10. Pegged pants
These are trousers cut full in the waist and thigh area and falls to a tapered and cuffed hem at the ankles.

11. Wide leg
These are baggy pants popularized during the late ‘90s to the early aught in an ode to the hip-hop style.

12. Bootcut
These are slightly flared pants that are specifically designed to be worn over boots.

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13. Harem
These are baggy trousers that were originally worn by the Turks. These are trousers with gathers at the waist and ankles. The gathers are held by elastic bands or waistbands with drawstrings.

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14. Girlfriend jeans
Derived from the boyfriend jeans, girlfriend jeans are tailored and less baggy than the former.

15. Cuffed
These are pants with folded hems exposing the ankles.

16. Cargo
These are pants with multiple pockets secured by a flap fastened by buttons or Velcro. They are commonly used for outdoor activities.

17. Stirrup
These are close-fitting pants that tapers at the ankle, similar to the leggings, but the material extends to a band, or strap, that is to be worn under the arch of the foot to hold the pant leg in place. It was popularized in the ‘80s.

18. Skinny
These are skin-tight pants made out of stretchy fabric.

19. Slacks
These are casual pants that are not part of a suit.

20. Jodhpur
These are pants that balloon at the sides and become tapered at the ankles. They are usually worn by horse riders.

21. Pedal pushers
These are trousers with a cuffed hem and are often worn tight to the skin.

22. Overalls
These are pants with bodice attached at the waist line. They have a long stitching line from the neck and going along the crotch line at the front and the back. They have pockets that are usually top stitched. Thet are usually worn by workmen and also a favorite of Children’s wear.

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