A Quick Look at Simple Kidney Cysts

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A Quick Look at Simple Kidney CystsKidney cysts are water-filled masses on or in the kidneys. Because they may impair the proper functioning of the kidneys, their presence may cause some serious problems. Some of the most common growths are referred to as simple kidney cysts. They are non-cancerous ones that rarely lead to complications.

No one really knows what makes simple kidney cysts to form. Generally speaking, they do not cause any sign or symptom. The presence of these growths is usually detected when the individual undergoes a diagnostic test for a different condition.

Simple kidney cysts may appear regardless of the person’s age. However, medical authorities say that your risk of having them increases as you get older. It is also said that simple kidney cysts are more common in men.

Just like what’s mentioned before, simple kidney cysts are non-cancerous and rarely cause complications. It doesn’t mean, however, that no complication may arise. Occasionally, the masses may burst which can cause extreme pain in the back or on the side. It is possible for simple kidney cysts to get infected, thus causing pain as well as fever. The kidneys may end up swollen if the cysts are situated in areas that cause obstruction of the flow of urine.

It’s not all the time that simple kidney cysts cause signs and symptoms. When they do, that’s because they have gotten really large. A person with enlarged simple cysts may experience dull pain in the back or on the side, as well as on the upper abdominal area. The individual may also have fever especially if the growths become infected.

There are a few means to determine the presence of simple kidney cysts. Usually, they are discovered during an ultrasound, a computerized tomography (CT) scan or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) performed for another health problem. Through an imaging test, it is possible for a doctor to determine whether the masses are cysts or tumors. A blood test may also reveal if the kidneys are properly functioning or not.

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Someone with simply kidney cysts may require no treatment at all. This is especially true if the growths do not yield any sign and symptom, or does not impair the functioning of the kidneys. Commonly, simple kidney cysts go away on their own.

However, a doctor may recommend periodic imaging tests in order to see whether or not the simple kidney cysts had gone larger. In case they grew in size, that’s the time when the individual may choose to have the condition treated. One of the treatment options includes having the cysts punctured. To keep them from growing back, the growths may be filled with alcohol. Large cysts that cause severe symptoms may have to be surgically removed.

There are a handful of home remedies that are said to help shrink simple kidney cysts. Opting for them is a good idea most especially if the problem is not causing signs and symptoms, which means that they are not keeping the kidneys from doing their job. The following are some of the best home remedies for simple kidney cysts:

  • Drink plenty of water – This helps flush out impurities in the body, thus helping to prevent some of the complications of having simple kidney cysts.
  • Consume fruit and vegetable juices – Guzzling down all-natural fruit juices supplies the body with the vitamins and minerals it needs to remain strong and able to fight off any probable complication.
  • Avoid processed foods – Processed foods are packed with chemicals, causing the kidneys to work harder. Lightening the workload of the kidneys when cysts are present can be beneficial.
  • Perform moderate exercises – Doing them regularly helps boost the immune system. Routines with bending or stretching movements have to be avoided to prevent the cysts from rupturing.
  • Ditch bad habits – It is a good idea to quit smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. Both of them will only flood your body with toxins, thus complicating things.

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