8 Health Benefits of Pomelo

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Pomelo is considered to be the largest of all citrus fruits. Hence its scientific name of Citrus maxima. Its color ranges from yellow to mild green.

Pomelos’ taste is quite pleasant, with the consistency of grapefruits, but without the tangy or tart flavor. It has a number of benefits and these includes the following:

1. Heart Health

Pomelo are rich in potassium, a mineral that is required for proper functioning of the heart. It also reduces bad cholesterol and regulates blood pressure level in the body.

2. Immune System

Pomelo is rich in vitamin C, which contains at least 600% of your daily vitamin C requirement. This fruit has been used as a quick quick immune system booster. It helps to fight off infections leading to coughs, colds, fevers and other symptoms or viral, microbial and bacterial infections.

3. Assist in Weight Loss

Pomelo can help a lot when you need to reduce weight. This is because it contains fat burning chemicals that causes weight reduction. Its fiber also
stays in the stomach for long which gives the feeling of fullness. Therefore you have a tendency to eat less.

4. Prevention of UTI/Urinary Tract Infection

Pomelo can help in fighting urinary tract infection, a bacterial infection which affects the urinary system. Pomelos are rich in vitamin C which help prevents UTI.

5. Bone Health

Due to pomelos’ rich potassium content, it helps a lot in preventing general bone weakness throughout the body and osteoporosis. Potassium is connected to bone mineral density, as it has been found to help in the facilitation of the uptake of essential minerals for keeping the bones strong.

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6. Constipation

Pomelos are rich in dietary fiber which is sufficient in preserving normal bowel movement. to help prevent hemorrhoids as well as colon cancer.

7. Body Cramping

Potassium is vital in the fluid balance in the body, which is an aspect of muscle stiffness and cramping. Pomelos can provide the proper levels of potassium which for without them, you are most likely to become susceptible to pulled muscles, torn ligaments and cramp up.

8. Anti-Aging

The high amount of vitamin C in pomelos act as antioxidants, that help fight off those free radicals. Free radicals cause skin degradation, sagging skin and premature aging, like wrinkles. High vitamin C intake can prevent this, so it it recommended to eat pomelos.

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