7 Wonderful Benefits of Quail Eggs

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Good things do come in small packages. Do you know that quail eggs are more nutritious than the chicken eggs you usually have? Added to this, quail eggs also have a number of health benefits.

Here’s why you should give this creamy and rich egg a go.

Health Benefits of Quail Eggs:

1. Allergies Treatment

Quail eggs are high in ovomucoid protein, that acts in your body as a natural anti-allergenic. If you are suffering from inflammation, congestion, or other symptoms of allergic reactions, quail eggs can get your body back to normal.

2. Boosts Immunity

Quail eggs help keep stomach disorders at bay. Quail eggs improve your body’s immune system.

Also, quail eggs increase brain activity and boost memory. With their high iron content, quail eggs can also help increase hemoglobin levels in the body. Quail eggs also rid your body of metals and toxic compounds that build up in the body.

3. Diabetes Prevention

Study have shown that quail egg contains amino acid, especially Leucine, which can maintain the balance level of insulin and help in regulating blood sugar level, which makes it good for prevention and treatment of diabetes.

4. Healthy Skin

Quail eggs are an excellent source of protein and Lysine, which is an amino acid that helps in promoting collagen production. Collagen is a type of protein required in keeping skin layer tightness, thus preventing it from wrinkling and sagging.

5. Improves Vision

Quail eggscontain an impressively high level of vitamin A, which means that it helps in protecting your vision. The antioxidant activity of vitamin A can help in the prevention of the development of cataracts and reducing macular degeneration, thus helping you see better.

6. Prevents Anemia

Study have shown that women who consume quail eggs regularly tend to have lower risk of developing anemia. Quail eggs contains iron which can help in the formation of red blood cell and prevents anemia.

The amino acid in quail eggs may increase the level of haemoglobin within the red blood cells. The haemoglobin itself is a protein, and it plays an essential role in nutrient and oxygen binding, as well as transportation through all parts of the body.

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7. Regulates Cholesterol

Despite of the large yolk-to-white ratio, consuming quail eggs will not cause the spike of harmful blood cholesterols. On the contrary, adding quail eggs into your diet will regulate the levels of your cholesterols to a perfect balance. This is due to quail eggs’ large amount of healthy fatty acids. These fatty acids contain beneficial effect on the function of your heart and other organs.

HDL is the good cholesterol which is needed by the body to combat the negative effect of LDL or bad cholesterol. 60% of the fat content of quail eggs is HDL cholesterol, which makes it a healthy menu on your diet.

But, it should be noted that individuals who have already suffered from pre-existing cholesterol conditions should not consume quail eggs in large quantities. This is because each serving of quail eggs contain about 1.6 grams of saturated fat.

Quail Eggs Nutrition Facts:

Calories : 14 kcal
Fat : 1 gr
Cholesterol: 76mg
Sodium : 13mg
Potassium : 12mg
Protein : 1.2g
Vitamin A : 717.0 μg
Vitamin D : 1% DV
Vitamin B12: 1% DV
Iron : 1%

Word of Caution: Quail Eggs are High in Cholesterol:

Quail eggs are healthy and nutrient dense, as they contain high levels of cholesterol, even more than chicken eggs. 1 quail egg (9 gm) has about 76 mg of cholesterol, while a small chicken egg (38 gm) has about 141 mg of cholesterol.

This means 100 gm servings of quail eggs will give you 844 mg of cholesterol, as against 372 mg of cholesterol in a 100 gm serving of chicken eggs. You could easily exceed your daily recommended level of 200 grams of cholesterol if you aren’t careful.

Therefore, if you are trying to cut your cholesterol levels, enjoy quail eggs in moderation.

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