7 Protein Deficiency Symptoms You Should Know

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Is your body telling you to increase your protein intake? Let’s find out if your body is begging for protein.

Below are 7 Protein Deficiency Symptoms You Should Know:

7 Protein Deficiency Symptoms You Should Know

Difficulty Sleeping

Having difficulty in sleeping could be cause by serotonin deficiency, that is caused by lack of certain amino acids. Amino acids are produced when protein is broken down.


Headaches can also be cause by protein deficiency. Protein deficiency may lead to headaches by causing low blood sugar and causing anemia.

Hair Loss

Protein deficiency may also cause hair loss. Hair is made up of protein, so it is essential for a healthy hair.

Weight Loss

Severe loss of weight is one of the symptom of protein deficiency. It may also be attributed to muscle wastage as the body breaks down the muscles in an attempt to get protein from them.

You Feel Weak

Protein is very important in building muscle. If you do not get enough protein, your muscles may start to shrink over time. This may result to weakness and you may not be able to do exercises you are used to doing.

Pale Skin

Pale skin can be an indication of lack of iron and protein. Most frequently foods that are loaded with iron also contains protein.

Protein is important for the body to utilize iron properly. Lack of iron or anemia may result to pale skin.

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Slow Healing

The building blocks of protein are amino acids, and these amino acids are important in wound healing. If the body heals itself, it produces or repairs tissues. Amino acids are used by these tissues in the repair process and a deficiency in protein may lead to slower building process.

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