7 Essential Oils That Help Bust Stress

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Headaches, insomnia, upset stomach, lack of energy, loss of sexual desire — these are just a few of the many symptoms of stress. Did you know that failure to manage stress effectively can lead to a host of complications? Some of them include obesity, diabetes, depression, anxiety, and increased cancer and heart disease risk!

It can be impossible to free your life of all stressors most especially in this day and age. What’s more important is you take the time to manage stress in order to save yourself from the various health nightmares it can bring. It’s a good thing that there are plenty of ways to combat stress effectively. It can be something as simple as writing in your journal, playing with your pet or listening to music. Some people engage in yoga, pay for massages or hang up with friends.

Essential oils can be very advantageous for someone like you who require stress management on a regular basis. These fragrant oils extracted from various plant parts such as the leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds are proven to have all sorts of healing and medicinal properties. Many essential oils are known to help combat stress very well.

7 Essential Oils That Help Bust Stress
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If you want to deal with stress in a way that involves oils that smell amazing, continue reading. Below you will find 7 essential oils that can help change your very busy life for the better.

  1. Bergamot

The fruity smell of this essential oil will surely help calm your body and mind. Take a whiff of bergamot to attain instant stress relief. You may also place some of it in your aromatherapy diffuser or even add it to your massage oil.

  1. Chamomile
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Taking chamomile tea is a wonderful insomnia zapper because it has superb calming properties. Just imagine how relaxed you will be the moment you fill the air with the scent of chamomile essential oil! It is a wonderful idea to rub some of it on the back of your neck and temples, and then meditate just before you hit the sack.

  1. Frankincense
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The woody smell of frankincense promotes better oxygen supply to your brain, thus helping to ease the symptoms of stress. This essential oil is not only ideal for stressed out individuals, but also those with anxiety and depression.

  1. Cedarwood

This essential oil that smells like pencil shavings, according to many, is very good at promoting a good night’s sleep — something you need if you are living a busy everyday life and highly susceptible to stress.

  1. Jasmine

Thanks to the mood-lifting properties of jasmine, this essential oil can help you zap stress as well as the symptoms it brings such as headaches, insomnia and depression. What’s so nice about jasmine essential oil is you may also apply some of it on your skin aside from simply adding a few drops to your aromatherapy diffuser.

  1. Rose

The ability of rose essential oil to give you a sense of well-being makes it a very useful home remedy for stress. When using topically, make sure that you only daub a little amount of it on your skin as the smell can be overpowering.

  1. Lavender

The nicest thing about lavender is it can help calm your mind without making you feel sleepy. That’s why sniffing on some lavender oil is a great idea if you’re feeling stressed but you still have to complete some home or office tasks.


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