7 Best Home Remedies for Arthritis

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Arthritis is the term used for a group of conditions that cause joint pain and inflammation. Although medical treatments can help, there are also some lifestyle changes and home remedies that may help reduce the symptoms.

Doctors traditionally treat arthritis with the use of painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications. But, some medications cause side effects, therefore, a natural approach to pain relief is becoming very popular. Just always remember to consult your doctor before trying these natural remedies.

Natural Remedies for Arthritis Pain:

1. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical treatment and this involves inserting thin needles into specific points on your body. This is supposed to restore balance in your body and re-route energies. Acupuncture is the most researched complementary therapy and is also recommended by the World Health Organization for the treatment of over 100 different conditions.

Also, acupuncture has the ability to help reduce arthritis pain. If you want to try this treatment method, find a certified and licensed acupuncturist in your state.

2. Use Turmeric on Dishes

Turmeric is the yellow spice that is common in Indian dishes. It contains a chemical known as curcumin which may help in reducing arthritis pain. The secret is in its anti-inflammatory properties.

The NIHT reported that turmeric given to lab rats helped reduce the inflammation in their joints. More research on the use of the supplement for humans is needed. But, it cannot hurt to add this tasty spice to your dishes.

3. Exercise More

There are various benefits to exercise than just weight loss. Regular movement helps in maintaining the flexibility in your joints. Weight-bearing exercises including walking and running can be damaging.

You can instead, try low-impact exercises including swimming or water aerobics to flex your joints without adding further stress.

4. Hot and Cold therapy

Learning how to treat varying levels of pain for the rest of the day could be the solution to managing arthritis symptoms. Using hot and cold therapy is one of the best ways to approach the issue. Heat helps in soothing stiff joints and aching muscles, while cold therapy helps in restricting blood vessels and in reducing swelling.

Heat treatment can include starting off your day with a shower or warm bath, using an electric blanket as you go to sleep and placing heat pads on aching joints.

The use of cold therapy should only be done in 20 minute intervals, but this can include placing joints in ice water or applying cold packs to affected areas.

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5. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Studies have reported that omega-3 fatty acids help in reducing inflammation in the body and also play a role in regulating your immune system.

The authors of a recent review concluded that omega-3 fatty acids appear to improve the symptoms of RA, but it was noted that further studies are needed to confirm this.

Sources of omega-3 fatty acids include seeds, nuts, and cold-water fish, including tuna, salmon, and sardines. Also, people can take omega-3 supplements. These supplements are available in some pharmacies and health food stores, as well as online.

6. Weight Loss

As per the Arthritis Foundation, each pound of body weight, equates to 6 lbs of added pressure on the hip joints and 3 lbs of added stress on the knees.

This increased in pressure causes the cartilage between the joints to break down more quickly, thereby, worsening osteoarthritis.

Losing weight can help in easing pressure on the joints, reduce stiffness and pain.

7. Yoga

You can try Iyengar yoga, which is a type of yoga that uses props to support the body and relieve tension and inflammation, while also focusing on correct anatomical alignment.

A 2013 study investigated the effectiveness of a 6-week Iyengar yoga program for young women who have RA.

The researchers divided the 26 group participants into 2 groups: 11 participated in two 1.5-hour yoga classes for 6 weeks, while the other remaining 15 did not take part in any yoga classes.

When compared with the control group, the participants who did yoga have reported significant improvements in their mood, health, quality of life, and their ability to cope with chronic pain.

Arthritis is a progressive condition that causes stiffness and pain in the joints. Various medication interventions are available, but using some home remedies alongside these may be more effective in increasing mobility and relieving pain.

You should always consult a doctor if they have any concerns about using home remedies for arthritis. Also, it is necessary to ask about any supplements before taking them because these might interact with existing medications.

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