7 Beauty Hacks Using Baby Powder

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How can you fit baby powder into your daily beauty, hair, skin and makeup routine? This list of 7 baby powder beauty hacks will change how you make use of baby powder.

Baby powder don’t just smell good, but they also do lots of good! below, we rounded up 7 of the most amazing ways it can help level up your skin, hair and makeup routine.

7 Beauty Hacks Using Baby Powder
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1. Less Painful Waxing

Waxing can be really painful, but if you put baby powder on your skin first, it will help you remove hairs better. Powder helps in absorbing moisture which makes the hair stick to the wax more.

How to:
1. Apply some baby powder on the area you are about to wax. This will help in easing the process, hence reducing the pain.

2. Foot Deodorant

Baby powder helps to deodorize your shoes, most especially during summertime, you can expect your feet to be a bit more sweaty than usual. Also, putting baby powder directly on your feet will prevent it from getting sweaty.

How to:
1. Sprinkle some baby powder on your feet before you put your socks on.

3. For Instant Highlights

You can dust some baby powder on your hair for contrast. In the light, it will look like you have highlights.

How to:
1. Put some baby powder into your hair. This works great for dark hair.
2. Make sure you blend the powder well.

4. For Thick Lashes

We all want our lashes to go on forever. Though it will not grow as long as that, baby powder can help improve the length and volume.

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How to:
1. Apply a coat of mascara.
2. Using a cotton swab, dust some baby powder onto your lashes. Do this while the mascara is still damp.
3. Apply another coat of mascara.

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The finish effect will be a thicker and lengthier lashes.

5. To Make Lipstick Last Longer

According to beauty expert Christina Marrale, if you have a long night ahead, applying a light dusting of baby powder in-between lipstick application can help enhance its lasting power.

How to:
1. Apply 1 coat of lipstick.
2. Place a tissue over your lips.
3. Dust baby powder around the lip area by using a powder brush.
4. Apply a second coat of lipstick.

6. To Remove Shine

Putting baby powder on your face works great, when you are under bright lights of a camera. The talcum in the baby powder helps absorb the perspiration on your face and keeps down the shine. This is especially great when you are working with darker skin tones. This is because the darker skin tones reflect more under the cameras.

7. Use as a Dry Shampoo

You can apply baby powder to the roots of yu hair. Powder can soak up the oil, leaving your hair looking voluminous and bouncy. Baby powder is the ultimate dry shampoo.

How to:
1. Dust some baby powder on your hair roots
2. Run a brush into your hair to blend it in.

To have a much better control over the amount of powder that you will put into your hair, sprinkle somne onto your fingers first. Do this, instead of getting directly from the bottle.

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