6 Ways To Boost Your Testosterone Naturally

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The hormone testosterone is associated with the epitome of manhood. It is also vital in men’s health because it helps to maintain sex drive, bone density and muscle mass.

Production of testosterone is at its highest during man’s early adulthood and may decrease a little each year thereafter. Hypogonadism is when your body does not produce the right amount of testosterone.

How Do You Know If Your Have Low Testosterone?

Low testosterone levels may result to decreased erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, fragile bones and other health issues. It may also indicate an underlying medical condition.

Consult doctor if you suspect low testosterone levels. A simple blood test can check if your testosterone falls within the normal range.

There are some natural remedies to help you boosts your testosterone levels. Scroll down below to find out!

1. Weight Loss

Men who are overweight are more likely to have low testosterone levels. So shedding those unwanted pounds may help increase your body’s testosterone production.

2. Sleep

A research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed the reduction of testosterone levels due to lack of sleep. The effect can be seen after only one week of reduced sleep. Participants in the study, also reported a decreased sense of well-being as their blood testosterone levels dropped.

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So how much sleep does your your body needs? Most adults generally need between 7-9 hours per night, to function well and lead a healthy life.

3. Healthy Fats

Healthy fats do no only include mono and polyunsaturated fats, like that found in nuts and avocadoes. It also include saturated fats, as these are important for building testosterone.

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Experts recommend that the ideal diet includes somewhere between 50-70% fat.
Your body requires saturated fats from vegetable and animal sources, like dairy, meat, tropical plants like coconut and certain oils, for optimal functioning.

4. Consume Less Sugar

The Endocrine Society reported that glucose decreases testosterone levels in the blood by as much as 25%. This includes study participants, who had diabetes, prediabetes or a normal tolerance for glucose.

5. Zinc

Studies have suggested that zinc plays a vital part in regulating serum testosterone levels in healthy men. Men with hypogonadism often have zinc deficiencies.

6. Exercise

Testosterone levels increase after exercising, most especially after a resistance training exercise. Low testosterone levels can affect both your mood and sex drive.

Exercising improves your mood and stimulates brain chemicals to help you feel happier, boosts energy and endurance. Experts recommend 30 minutes of exercise at least daily.

Low testosterone levels can be unsettling, but it’s not a reflection of your manhood. Consult your doctor about treatment options, as making a few healthy lifestyle changes may be all you need to re-energize your body.

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