6 Healthy Ingredients You Can Add to Almost Any Dish

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Eating the same foods daily is not just boring, it maybe depriving your body of important nutrients as well. A wide variation of ingredients allows your diet to be more balanced and healthy.

You do not need to learn a new recipe or master a new cooking technique. You can add these flavorful, tasty and nutritious ingredients, picked by dietitians and doctors, to basically any of the meals you are already making.

Healthy Ingredients You Can Add to Almost Any Dish:

1. Bitter Melon

Bitter melon looks like a zucchini, but it has a much stronger flavor. You can add some to your curry or spicy stir fry for some extra kick.

In ancient times, bitter melon was consider to be an ancient healing fruit, that assists in blood sugar control. This maybe true, because bitter melon contains a low glycemic index, meaning it will make you feel fuller longer.

2. Citrus

A squeeze of fresh lime or lemon adds flavor to your pasta, tacos, curry, stir-fry, grilled fish, chicken and steamed vegetables. Acidic citrus juice can cut the richness of a hearty dish. But don’t let its zest go to waste, it lends a sweet lemon flavor without the juice’s tartness.

3. Fresh Herbs

You can add fresh herbs at the end of cooking or before serving. Top your pasta with parsley or basil.

Fresh herbs add a layer of freshness and complexity that dried herbs and spices lack. Beyond their flavor and nutrition, they add a touch of beauty to any dish.

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4. Lima Beans

Lima beans are loaded with nutrients, such as fiber, protein and 25% of your recommended daily value of iron. You can also add them to any savory dish you make, such as salads, stir-fries and soups. They come dried, canned, or frozen, so you can keep them stocked in your kitchen and add them at the last-minute.

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5. Radicchio

This bitter and purple-hued Italian lettuce can be added into any plain salad for a new level of flavor and health benefits.  Radicchio is loaded with inulin and fiber, which helps control blood sugar levels, and a great source of vitamin K for bone health, as well.

Added to that, radicchio has four times more antioxidants than romaine lettuce. Its leaves are purple, because they are full of anthocyanin, which can help to lower blood pressure and slow age-related memory loss.

6. Spices

Spices add a new layer of flavor to your dish. It is as simple as adding a pinch of pepper or salt!

But, beyond pepper and salt, many spices are known for its health benefits. These includes cinnamon, which lowers blood sugar and turmeric, which contains curcumin, an anti-inflammatory that is 50 times more potent than vitamin E or C.

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