6 Hacks to Fight Frizzy Hair

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6 Hacks to Fight Frizzy HairModels and actors always sport those perfectly tamed hair but when it comes to our everyday look, we often have to fight wild, frizzy hair. Most of the time, frizzy hair happens when there isn’t enough moisture present in your tresses but lack of humidity can damage your hair too. This is why, if you want to fight frizz, you need to learn the right approach to combat it so you can manage your hair properly.

If you are desperate to find ways to fight frizzy hair, here are 6 steps to try.

  1. Find the right cut for your hair. The next time you go to your hair stylist, pay close attention to how the ends are cut. If the scissors used are blunt, chances are the ends will be damaged which can cause frizzy hair. Also, it would be better to find a cut that will work well with your current lifestyle as you will need to show your locks some TLC to ensure that they remain tamed.
  2. Don’t forget to apply conditioner. Like it was mentioned before, frizzy hair happens when there is not enough moisture in your hair. This is why it is important that you don’t forget to apply conditioner on your hair as it will help keep frizz at bay. When you look for conditioning products, check the label and make sure that it has hydrating ingredients like glycerine as well as shea butter just to name a few.
  3. Use hydrating mask. Another trick to keep your frizzy hair at bay is to use hydrating mask once a week. This will fill up any holes in the shaft of your hair so that it won’t be too frizzy especially when the air is dry. The hydrating mask will help seal the holes for tamer mane.
  4. Brush hair regularly. Fight frizzy hair by brushing your hair regularly. Hang your head upside down and use a brush to distribute the oils from the scalp to the tips of your hair to keep away humidity and to hydrate your hair.
  5. Use make up brushes. Wild, frizzy hair can be a real pain in the morning but so is the feeling of hair spray on your hair. If you want to tame your mane minus the heaviness of hair spray, spritz some on a makeup brush and apply on frizzy hair. This will help settle your wild hair without the effects of too much hair spray.
  6. Bring hair serum with you. You will never know what the weather is thinking so if you want to make sure that your hair remains tamed even when it’s raining, sunny, or dry, just bring a hair serum with you. Applying it on your hair can tame your frizzy hair in no time.
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These are just a few hacks that you should keep in mind when it comes to dealing with frizzy hair so that the next time you see some wild hair strands not following your directions, you will know what to do.

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