5 Ways to Lose Weight If You have Food Allergy

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5 Ways to Lose Weight If You have Food AllergyLosing weight is already a challenge but trying to lose weight when you have food allergy is a totally different matter. Many have said that food allergies can cause you to gain weight but there is no proof of this. On the contrary, those who weigh more can actually develop food allergies.

Based on a study that was conducted back in 2009, 59% of overweight children and adults had developed allergies not only to food but to other allergens as well like dog, cat, and even ragweed. According to the research, it appears that those who are overweight tend to be at risk of inflammation hence they develop allergies.

The good news is that there are ways for you to shed those excess pounds even when you have food allergy. Here are some examples that you can follow:

  1. Eat regular meals. Skipping any meal is said to aid in weight loss but it appears the opposite takes effect. Those who skip meals tend to be more ravenous which pushes them to eat more than is necessary. Start your day with a healthy breakfast to get enough fuel to last you till lunch time.
  2. Avoid calorie packed beverages. Keep in mind that beverages such as soda contain empty calories that can add to your weight. Go for drinks that contain nutritional value such as soy milk, tea, and fresh fruit juice. If you drink caramel latte in the morning, make sure that you skip anything sweet for the rest of the day such as candies because of the calories in your drink.
  3. Get a move on. Food allergies shouldn’t stop you from losing weight so if you want to shave off a few pounds, make sure that you integrate a regular workout to your day. Moving your body whether it is just walking that extra mile or running up the stairs can help you burn calories. The more you sweat and the more you move your body the better number of calories you get to burn. Look for an exercise program that you can squeeze into your busy schedule.
  4. Know your allergies. It’s important that you figure out what foods you are allergic to through the process of elimination. Once you’ve determined which types of food are bad for you, you can then plan a weight loss program that doesn’t have any of the foods that you are allergic to. This way, you can plan your meals ahead of time.
  5. Make a healthy snack. For sure, you will be hungry in between meals but instead of snacking on chips and candies, go for healthier choices instead such as salads, fruits, and even fresh vegetables. You can also make your own version of granola bars to get you through your next meal.
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Although food allergy can be a hindrance at times, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to lose weight especially when you follow the steps mentioned above.

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