5 Stages of Juice Fasting

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5 Stages of Juice FastingA lot of people were skeptical when juice fasting first appeared and many scoffed saying that this diet was for those who were in the upper class. Many wrote it off as a fad that will quickly die down but it seems that it is not just a fad as it has been around for years now and many swear by it. People became curious as to what juice fasting is and what they can expect. Those who have already tried it claimed that they lost a few pounds, their skin and hair became healthier, their bloat disappeared, and they felt clean inside.

For those who are considering going on a juice fasting, here’s what you can expect also known as the five stages of juice fasting.

  1. You feel optimistic. And why not? If you are the type of person who likes challenges then this one is. The idea of going on a juice cleanse or juice fasting because of the rewards you can reap not to mention how tasty the drinks are will make you feel as if you can finish the cleanse easily. Of course, this is just the first stage so expect yourself to really look forward to your new challenge.
  2. You feel extremely hungry. Since you are not allowed to eat anything when you are in a juice cleanse, expect to be hungry. Very hungry, that is. Many who have tried juice fasting agree that they felt extreme hunger when they were juice fasting but this is normal because your body is reacting to the lack of food in your system. It basically goes into shock and causing you to feel craving for foods. Look for ways to distract yourself from thinking about food as long as you can.
  3. You feel an uprising starting in your body. The second day of the three day cleanse will make you feel rebellious already because you are not eating and many are scoffing at the idea of the juice cleanse and are probably saying that you will gain back the weight you lost quickly. Also, since your body is not receiving any solids, you will have frequent trips to the bathroom because your body is trying to eliminate all the toxins in your body. Intermittent headaches can be present as well not to mention slow brain function because of low blood sugar.
  4. You will start to doubt. At the end of the second day you will probably question your motives to your juice fasting and even start thinking about eating anything just so you have something inside your stomach. But be warned. This is a normal reaction of the body where you become more sensitive to things because the toxins in your body are being removed. If you find yourself on the brink of quitting, talk to your family or friends or a support group even. They will help you get over this hurdle.
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Success! You have lost 10 pounds and have more energy to do the things you normally do. You will feel less hungry than you were for the past 2 days and this is because your body has already adjusted to the low consumption of food. Congratulate yourself because you have passed your juice fasting and is now healthier compared to before. It’s normal to gain weight afterwards because this is mostly water weight but for sure, you will be more conscious on what you eat and the amount of food that you consume after.

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