5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for the Busy Ones

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5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for the Busy OnesEating breakfast is important so you will have plenty of fuel to get you through the day but not all of us are eating healthy in the morning because we need to rush to school or the office. Most of us tend to skip breakfast altogether while others make poor food choices such as going for sugar laden donuts, bagels, burgers, and the like. Unfortunately, these types of food can make you feel sluggish instead of energized.

Just because you are busy, it is not an excuse for you to not prepare a healthy breakfast. There are plenty of easy morning recipes to choose from that will give you the nutrients you need without eating up too much of your time. To help you get started in the right direction, here are five breakfast ideas to try.

  1. Berry and yogurt smoothie. Skip the caffeine and opt for making a healthy smoothie. You only need to blend your choice of fresh fruits like berries with Greek yogurt and a liquid like soymilk, juice, or coconut water. Freeze the mixture overnight so you can simply thaw the drink in the morning for a powerful drink.
  2. Quinoa and chia porridge. For those who are looking for something to replace their boring oatmeal in the morning, why not try quinoa and chia porridge? Cook the quinoa in your choice of milk like soy, cow, or almond milk. Add fruits or spices if you prefer to give texture to your porridge. Quinoa is a good option for breakfast because it contains lysine, fiber, and a lot of proteins.
  3. Kale frittata. Kale and sweet potatoes definitely deliver a powerful punch in terms of health benefits.  Combining them in your frittata ensures that not only will you have plenty of fuel to keep you going throughout the day but you’re also getting essential nutrients like protein, fiber, vitamins, as well as minerals.
  4. PB&J waffle sandwich. Here’s another healthy breakfast idea that will work perfectly with those who are often on the go. To start, you need to prepare a waffle made from whole grain first before cutting it into two. Spread 2 tablespoons of your favorite jelly and nut butter then add some fruits on top. Not only is this delicious but it will give you the boost you need to sustain you all the way to lunch time.
  5. Berry breakfast parfait. If you don’t have enough time to cook breakfast, you can always prepare your food overnight and one example of a good breakfast to serve yourself when you wake up is the berry breakfast parfait. What’s great about this dish is that you get to choose your own fruits. You can opt for blueberries, strawberries, raspberries or any other fruit for that matter and spread yogurt on top of them. Add another layer of fruits then yogurt and keep on repeating until you fill up your glass. For sure you will love this morning treat which contains all the nutrients that you will need for the day.
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