5 Good Reasons to Give Up Your Alcohol Intake

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For some people, a day is not complete without glass-full of alcoholic drink. Some, takes it as an occasional habit. But alcohol is best taken by some with the accompany of friends. Whatever is your take in drinking alcohol, know that its practice is not without its consequences to health. As such, the following are 5 good reasons to give up your alcohol intake:

Alcohol and brain function

Depending on your body’s tolerance, how your brain is affected by alchol may be immediate or happens for a lter time. More than just getting drunk, record shows that alcohol abuse can also produce memory impairment, blackouts, nerve damage, brain damage and Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome.

Alcohol and osteoporosis

The person’s risk of acquiring osteoporosis, according to Mayo Clinic, is attributed to the regular two or more alcoholic beverages per day. The reason, being, is that alcohol in the body interferes with our body’s absorption of calcium. Calcium is generally is useful for the body and is a contributing factor to stronger bones.

Alcohol and liver damage

Liver is one of the body’s vital parts for its many functions in the body. Given so, it is probably one of those vital organs that is often overused for its functions. This is even made worse if you are a common alcoholic drinker. Nowadays, it does not come as a surprise that bad health conditions of the liver are often attributed to the habit of drinking alcohol. In fact, it is a widely held belief that there are three main liver diseases attributed to drinking alcohol: fatty liver disease, cirrhosis, and hepatitis.

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Alcohol abuse and cancer

If you are a heavy drinker, the chances of you acquiring cancer diseases such as that of breast, liver, colon, rectal, et cetera is heightened. Although how the mechanism works is not much clear, the following relations may be play as factors: body tissue damage, low folate level, and estrogen. Respectively, this is due to the following reasons: tissue irritation, lower folate absorption, and increase rate of cancer due to estrogen.

Alcohol addiction

At moderation, consuming alcohol may not pose harm to one’s health. However, the same cannot be said for heavy consumers as it develops cravings that lead to addiction. Heavy drinkers who developed alcohol addiction and suddenly stops drinking experience withdrawal symptoms such as: shakes, confusion, seizures, hallucinations, and tremors.

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