5 Brain Foods for Kids

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5 Brain Foods for KidsProviding your children with the right kinds of food during their growing up stage is important for their overall development particularly their brain. Yes, you want to help fuel their body to get through their school and extracurricular activities, but their brain needs to have the right nutrients in order to function properly. For parents who are wondering what kinds of food are ideal for brain development, here are some that are worth mentioning.

  1. Greek yogurt. Fat is necessary for brain health and what better way to give it to your child than adding Greek yogurt to his or her lunch? You can add a combination of cereals and blueberries for fiber and polyphenols that can help them stay mentally alert. You can go for dark chocolate too if you want as it also contains polyphenols needed by the brain.
  2. Eggs contain high amounts of choline which plays a part in the development of memory stem cells that are found deep within the brain. Simply put, the more cells in the brain the better the memory will be. You can add eggs to your child’s breakfast to give their brain a boost while keeping their tummy full.
  3. Another type of brain food that you should definitely add to your child’s diet is greens or veggies such as kale and spinach. These two leafy greens are found to be effective in keeping dementia at bay. Kale is actually packed with essential nutrients as well as antioxidants that can help grow more brain cells. Encourage your child to eat greens by adding them to pizzas, omelets and the like.
  4. Let your child drink fat-free milk as it is rich in vitamin D, protein, as well as phosphorus. Calcium is also essential because it aids in the production of insulin which is why it is important that milk be added to your child’s diet. Lactose intolerance can be a problem for some children so consult your doctor or pediatrician on the best alternatives to give to your child to ensure that he or she is getting the vitamins and minerals like vitamin D and calcium daily.
  5. This is another type of food that you should be adding to your child’s diet as it contains omega-3 essential fatty acids. The omega-3 as well as protein found in fish help protect the brain from memory loss. Sardines, tuna, and salmon are just a few kinds of fish that you can serve to your little one to help develop their brain.
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These are just a few examples of brain foods that are perfect for children particularly in their childhood phase. Helping them build up their brain’s prowess is essential as it can affect their way of thinking as they grow up. There are other brain foods out there such as nuts, fruits, and the like that are worth considering especially when you want your child to have better mental capabilities in the long run.

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