5 Bodybuilding Supplements For Faster Results

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5 Bodybuilding Supplements For Faster ResultsBodybuilding involves the interplay among four elements: workout, nutrition, rest, and attitude. While most bodybuilders and gym goers have the right attitude and give priority to going to the gym to execute the workouts, the body still grows during rest periods, along with adequate nutrition. With this idea, bodybuilders consider using supplements that provide them the extra boost they need during workout, as well as the supplementary nutrition outside the gym. Here are some supplements that give faster results.

Protein powder is one of the essential supplements bodybuilders and gym goers use. Protein is responsible for the growth and repair of tissues, which include the muscle tissues. The muscle tissues are “torn” during workout and protein rebuilds them, making them stronger and bigger. The amino acids, which are building blocks of protein, help form muscle fibers to yield more muscle mass. Protein powders are formulated in such way that it can be prepared quickly and easily, thus, people can just take them to work or school or anywhere they need.

Creatine is another supplement that helps speed up muscle recovery and growth. According to Bodybuidling, creatine utilizes the body’s high energy compounds, which are responsible for enhancing muscular contractions. As a result, one can boost the intensity and duration of his workout. Considered as a definitive supplement in bodybuilding, creatine has the ability to boost lean muscle mass in just two weeks. The supplement usually starts at 20 grams for the first five days and is followed by a five gram per day dose for maintenance.

Glutamine is another supplement to a bodybuilder’s arsenal. Being one of the 20 amino acids in the body, glutamine aids in faster recovery from a workout program. In addition, studies have shown that the amino acid is also responsible for healing time following injuries, wounds, or surgery. Overall, glutamine plays a pivotal role in the body’s entire immune system.

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Weight gain powders are also used by bodybuilders and gym goers as a supplement. Since some people find it hard to gain weight and mass even if they increase their food intake and spend long hours in the gym, they opt to include it in the supplements that they take. Similar to protein powder, weight gainers are also formulated for easier and faster preparation. Its difference from protein powder is the distribution of calories and carbohydrates. These nutrients are more abundant in weight gain powders than in protein powders. Weight gain powders are also famous to those who want to build lean muscle mass, as these supplements are incorporated with special fat complexes, which help preserve lean muscle.

Growth hormone boosters are also considered by people a supplement for bodybuilding. Naturally produced in the body, growth hormone is responsible for cellular and tissue growth, which includes the muscle tissues. According to Bodybuilding, males aged 18 to 30 have the highest levels of growth hormones among other age brackets; however, the growth hormone levels go down as they age. While people can take growth hormone boosters, there are some ways to elicit growth hormone production. These include having adequate amount of sleep, since growth hormone levels are highest during sleep. Also, lifting heavy weights trigger the increase of the growth hormone during rest periods.

Above all, while there are several kinds of supplements in the market, all coming in various brands and mode of action, they should not be treated as replacement for food. As their names imply, they serve as supplements to the nutrients that can be found in real food that people eat. Along with the right workout, proper rest, proper nutrition, and right attitude, one can truly raise his results faster.

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