4 Secrets to Living Longer

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4 Secrets to Living Longer
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“Live life to the fullest.” This is a statement one can hear from other people who want to enjoy their lives. Most people consider life as a gift, so they cherish it and make the most out of it. Some may be looking for habits or secrets that would make life longer, so they are the following:

Food, along witth air and water, is one of man’s fundamental physiological needs, according to Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. This means that in order to live one’s life in a fullest, he must eat food, drink clean water, and inhale clean air. However, food as a need does not mean eating any food on the table. One has to be control of his food choices, for him to be able to choose the right food to eat. According to Health, broccoli, salad, and grapes are some of the foods that stretch a person’s lifespan. The reason is that these food follows the basic principle that a diet abundant of fruits and vegetables, with high nutrient content and low caloric content , is the “best bet” for a long life. In addition, the aforementioned fruits and vegetables are packed with fiber, which reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease by 76 percent, and antioxidants, which improves blood circulation and fights inflammation, not to mention that they prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

Physical activity is one of the primary activities in most stages across the lifespan. According to TIME, performing ligh-intensity activity every day results to a longer and healthier life, when person is in his old age, along with reduced disability. In a study published on BMJ through EurekAlert!, it was found out that people with poor physical capability in midlife, such as those who are unable tto perform tests for health reason, are part of a vital target group, The study was joined by 1,680 men and women who are between 49 to 83 years old who are free of disability, but wwith high risk for having knee osteoarthritis. The study findings revealed that there was a significant and consistent relationship between greater time spent in light intensity activity and a reduced risk of developing disability or progression in disability.

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Socialization is another critical factor with regard to longevity. According to Time, being part of a strong social group indicates a longer life. The publication added that women are inclined to having more bonded groups than men, which could be a reason behind the longer life expectancy of the feminine population. Social interaction also includes being connected with family and friends when challenges arise, in addition to taking good care of other people. In fact, a group of researchers at Brigham Young University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill conducted a study on the impact of social network to longevity, as per Time. The study findings revealed that a human’s immune response may be affected by stress hormones catecholamines and glucocorticoids. Furthermore, the research findings imply that a strong social life has an impact to immune function by aiding people check physiological stress.

A person’s personality also dictates his lifespan. Standford researchers Howard S. Friedman and Leslie R. Martin led The Longevity Project, which is one of the largest studies to date, with a length of 80 years. Friedman and Martin learned that conscientiousness topped other personality types with regard to life expectancy. Comparing with those of a scientist-professor, they said that the qualities of a prudent, well-organized, and persistent person were obsessive to a certain extent not carefree. While this suggests that people who are relaxed have longer life, it is still on a case to case basis. In other words, conscientious behavior places an effect to other behaviors. A case in point includes makign food choices. There is a difference between a person who thinks one more time before purchasing or eating his food and a person who hastily buy and eats his food.

Death as the end of life is inevitable. However, it can be enjoyed and sustained for a long period of time with regular exercise, positive outlook in life, proper nutrition, and sufficient rest.

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