4 Exercises to Strengthen Ankle Joints

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4 Exercises to Strengthen Ankle JointsFor runners who often pound the pavement mile after mile as well as athletes, fitness buffs, and even ordinary individuals, having strong ankles can be a huge benefit especially when you consider yourself an active person. Your ankles help support your weight as you perform various movements and they also play a part on your ability to balance yourself as you walk, run, jump, and the like. Those who are prone to injuries are those whose ankles are not as sturdy as they want it to be but the good news is that there are ways to strengthen the joints on your ankles to reduce your risk of suffering from sprains and other injuries.

  1. Single Leg Medicine Ball Toss. Ask a friend or family member to square off with you with you with a medicine ball. You should stand up straight with your weight shifted onto your left foot. Keep your balance as you toss the medicine ball back and forth. You can increase the intensity of this workout by balancing yourself on top of a foam pad. Do 5 sets for 60 seconds each.
  2. Resisted Eversion. Sit yourself down on the floor or on a chair. Loop a small resistance band around your forefeet. Rotate your feet upward and outward to help strengthen your lateral ankles. You should do 3 sets of 10 or more if you can.
  3. Balance Disc. If you have a balance disc at home, you can use it to improve your balance as well as strengthen your ankle joints. To do this work out, stand on the balance disc with one leg and stay in this pose as long as you can. It’s okay if you can’t hold your pose for more than a minute. It is best that you start slow so you will see progression in your workout.
  4. Single Leg Good Mornings. Stand up straight before shifting weight on one leg. Bend forward slowly as you raise the other leg until it is parallel to the floor to help you balance yourself. Hold this pose for a few counts before going back to first position. Repeat this exercise 15 times on one leg before switching to the other leg. This exercise will challenge the micro muscles on your foot as you maintain your balance.
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Working on your ankle joints as often as possible can help strengthen them for better mobility and less risk of suffering from minor pains and aches. Of course, if you are suffering from foot injury or injury to your ankles, it is best that you keep off them as much as possible to help them heal. If you can put your weight on your ankle without experiencing pain, then you can perform these exercises.

If you want to excel in running, cycling, or any other workout that involves putting on weight on your ankles then it is only fair that you work out these joints as well. This way, it won’t be difficult for you to carry your weight as you execute various movements.

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