11 Foods That Are Similar To The Body Organs They Treat

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Did you ever noticed that there is a connection between the shape of foods and the organs they treat? This resemblance shows us what a certain food can heal in the human body.

See the surprising connection between the human body and nature.

11 Foods That Are Similar To The Body Organs They Treat

1. Avocados – Ovaries/Uterus

Avocados are beneficial for the uterus and ovaries and it looks similar with the uterus. Consuming one avocado per week will help prevent cervical and ovarian cancer. It also promotes a balanced hormones.

2. Carrot – Eyes

Research has shown that carrots help improve the function of the eyes by stimulating the blood flow in the body. If you look closely the cross section of the carrot looks like the human eye.

3. Celery – Bones

Celery has similarities with the human bones. Human bones contain 23% sodium, the exact amount of sodium in the celery as well. Studies have proven that celery supplements the skeleton’s needs.

4. Clams – Testicles

Clams resemble the testicles. Studies have shown that clams are great for the health of the male reproductive organs.

5. Ginger – Stomach

Ginger helps in the treatment of swelling and gastric upsets. It looks like the stomach.

6. Grapefruit – Breast

Grapefruit helps in moving the lymph glances through the breast thus preventing breast cancer.

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7. Mushroom (Agaricus campestris) – Ears

Cutting the Agaricus campestris type of mushrooms in half will make it similar in looks to that of the human ears. Mushrooms help improve hearing because it is rich in vitamin D, which is essential to the overall health of the bones.

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8. Red Wine – Blood

Red wine reminds us of the color of the blood. It hels reduce the risk of blood clots, stroke and heart disease risk.

9. Sweet Potato – Pancreas

Pancreas contains similarities with the sweet potato. Sweet potatoes help balance sugar levels in the blood.

10. Tomato – Heart

Tomato juice is quite similar to the human heart since it has four chambers and has a red color. Research showed that the tomato is loaded with iron and potassium which makes it very healthy for the blood and the heart.

11. Walnut – Brain

The walnut contains the left, right hemisphere and folds like the brain. It looks like the brain and creates transmitters in the brain function.

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