10 Home Remedies You Can Try to Have Healthy and Shiny Nails

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Having healthy and shiny nails is very important to one’s well-being. Sometimes doctors also examine one’s nails to get an idea about what is going on in your body.

Nails can actually tell many things regarding an infection, malnutrition and even any disease in the body. It contains layers of keratin, which is the same protein that makes up your hair and outer layer of the skin.

If you have dull looking nails, you need to check-up with any deficiency of minerals or vitamins your body. You can always try some home remedies to get shiny nails as mentioned below. But always remember that your nails can remain healthy only if you take care of them both internally and externally.

Take a look at these easy and ways to make your nails healthy and shiny.

10 Home Remedies You Can Try to Have Healthy and Shiny Nails
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1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid and alpha-hydroxy acid. These will help moisturize your nails and make them stronger.

1. Place one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into a glass containing 2-3 cups of warm water.
2. Soak cotton into the mixture.
3. Apply it on your nails.

2. Butter

Butter is a fatty substance that moisturizes the nails. It contains calcium, sodium, iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, vitamin A, B, C, and E, which helps make nails shine.

1. Apply melted butter into your nails.
2. Massage gently.
3. Rinse using warm water.

Repeat daily for best results.

3. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a natural oil which is rich in healthy fats, vitamin E, caprylic and lauric acid, which are all important for healthy nails. It helps soften the cuticles and nails while also moisturizes the hands.

1. Apply warm baby oil to your nails.
2. Massage gently.
3. Allow the oil to soak into the skin.

Fore best results, repeat twice daily.

4. Cucumber Slice

Cucumbers are loaded with high amount of skin soothing and skin cleaning properties. It also helps to get rid of the dead skin cells from your nails.

1. Rub a freshly cut slice of cucumber over your nails for at least 5-6 mins.

This home remedy can be repeated once daily.

5. Garlic

Garlic helps in nail growth. Aside from that, it protects your nails from infection.

1. Cut a garlic clove in half.
2. Rub it on your nails.
3. You can also blend some cloves to make a paste. Then apply this DIY nail strengthening mask to the nails. Leave on for at least five minutes, then rinse.

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Do this for at least a week and you can find the difference.

6. Lemon

Lemon is known to be a natural bleaching agent. It helps remove stains, leaving your nails shiny.

1. Soak your nails in lemon juice for at least 5 minutes.
2. Mix warm water and vinegar.
3. Dip the brush in the mixture.
4. Gently scrub your nails to remove dust and dirt.
5. Rinse with water.
6. Apply moisturizer, if needed.
7. Repeat at least once or twice a week to maintain healthy nails. Do this for two weeks.

Dilute lemon juice using water, if you have sensitive skin.

7. Milk

Milk is an effective remedy that cleanses nails by absorbing the milk’s nourishment.

1. Warm milk in a bowl.
2. Soak your nails into it for at least 5 minutes.
3. Rinse using water.
4. Moisturize with nail or hand cream.

Repeat regularly to get shiny nails.

8. Olive Oil

Olive oil is perfect for your overall health. The linoleic acid present in olive oil, makes it a good moisturizer. It helps prevent water from evaporating and makes your nails look shiny and perfect.

1. Combine warm water and organic olive oil in a bowl.
2. Soak your nails for at least 5 minutes.
3. Massage the nails using warm olive oil.
4. For best results, repeat regularly.

You can also use freshly-squeezed lemon juice instead of water.

9. Sea Salt

Add sea salt in water and dunk your nails into it. You can do this twice a day in a week, so that you get good results. This is one way to boost nail growth naturally.

10. Tomato Juice

Tomato has many health benefits, including that of your nails. The proteins and antioxidants in tomato juice can help your nails grow stronger.

1. Put a few drops of rosemary oil in two tablespoons of tomato juice.
2. Apply the mixture to your nails.
3. You can also soak your nails in the mixture for at least 10 minutes and wash off with water.

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