10 Healthy Reasons to Eat Black Sesame Seeds

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Black sesame seeds are good at nourishing the kidneys and liver, while the white one is good for moisturizing the skin. Also, black sesame has high nutritional value, and also contains melanin and sesamin.

As a result, it is used in treating gray hair, hair loss, inhibits the growth of skin cancer cells from UV rays, helps in weight loss, lowers blood pressure and improve fertility.

10 Healthy Reasons to Eat Black Sesame Seeds

1. Alleviates Anemia

Black sesame seeds are known for its high iron content compared to other varieties. Therefore, this is recommended for individuals suffering from anemia.

2. Anti-aging Properties

Black sesame seeds are rich in iron and B vitamins, in which deficiencies may lead to hearing loss, premature graying of hair and poor memory.

3. Healthy Bones

Sesame seeds are a great source of magnesium, phosphorous and calcium, which are considered to be bone-forming minerals. Just 1 tablespoon of unhulled seeds contain at least 88mg of calcium, which is more than a glass of milk. Also the rich zinc content increases bone mineral density.

4. Heart Health

Sesame seeds are loaded in substances such as sesamolin and sesamin, which helps lower your cholesterol levels. Also its seeds contain magnesium, which helps to reduce blood pressure. Normal blood pressure and healthy cholesterol equals to better heart health.

5. Prevents Asthma

Black sesame seeds contain magnesium which helps to prevent airway spasm in asthma patients.

6. Protects Against Cancer

Sesame seeds contain anti-cancer compounds which includes phytosterols, phytic acid and magnesium. The phytosterol content of sesame, most especially black sesame seeds, is the highest among commonly consumed seeds.

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7. Protects Liver

Black sesame seeds contain antioxidants which help protect the liver from oxidative damage. This helps you to maintain a healthy liver function.

8. Promotes Better Sleep

Black sesame contains stress-relieving minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. Also it contains amino acid tryptophan which produces serotonin, that assists moods and helps you to sleep better through the restoration of the normal sleep pattern.

9. Relieves Indigestion and Constipation

Black sesame seeds are a simple relief for constipation. This is because of the oil present in the seed, which helps lubricate the intestines. The fiber present in the seed, provides a smooth passage for your bowel-contents through the digestive system.

Aside from constipation, the seeds can also be usefor clearing up worms in the intestinal tract and for improving digestion.

10. Relieves Arthritis Pain

Sesame seeds are rich in copper, which helps reduce the swelling and pain linked with arthritis. It also helps keep your joints and bones healthy.

How to Consume Black Sesame Seeds

  • You can sprinkle these healthy seeds on rice, cereals, noodles or any other dishes.
  • Soaking the seeds overnight can help make the seeds more digestible.

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